Churches and “Candles”

Charlie: Italy had a lot of churches. I suppose you probably knew that. But when you walk through these little hill towns and find four big churches in an area two blocks square you start to think they might have overbuilt a tad in the church department. It must have been a big drain on their capital. But it is great for tourists, each one is a little different. The big Duomo in Spoleto had a monochrome rose window. I am used to multiolored ones so it seemed a bit disappointing. We stopped in the little mountain town of Norcia and it had a bunch of churches in a small area, as usual, and some nice rose windows.Most churches have a place where you can make an offering and light a candle. My Catholic boyhood fails me here since I don’t remember any more details about it. Anyway, the churches in Norcia had a similar place but the “candles” were electric, made to look like candles with a bulb on the top. There were plugs to put the electric candles. I guess each one had current. I was wondering about curious little fingers but I did not touch one to see if I would get a shock. In Senigallia they went one better, the electric candles were all put in the plugs and there was an array of toggle switches, one to control each candle. You dropped the coin and flipped the switch and you’re done. I suppose Siena might have flat screen with pictures of candles and you touch it with a mouse to “light” it, and, why not, I suppose you could use your credit card to make the offering if you didn’t have a coin. The modern Church.

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  1. I never heard of such a thing! Do they have these electric candles in the catholic churches in the United States? Someone who goes to a catholic church may need to be located to answer this. Yesterday I was walking Katie at the golf course babbling on about Easter and why people say Jesus was dead for 3 whole days and nights when it was from Friday to Sunday when I remembered that there are people who believe. And shortly after that a woman started talking about praying to be sure they had chosen the right name for their soon to be born baby. They were thinking of Ava Marie. And lo and behold she looked up and it said Ave Maria on the altar. So God had spoken.

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