Villa Cristina

Wynette: We decided not to stay in Siena after all. We did need to return our rental car in Siena so, the night before, we stayed in a little hill town, Castellina in Chianti, 20 kilometers north, at a bed and breakfast named Villa Cristina that we read about in Osterie & Locande D’Italia book (“a guide to traditional places to eat and stay in Italy”). We had a large, pretty, comfortable room with a great bed. The front garden/patio was filled with blooming tulips and forsythia and other flowers. They have 5 guest rooms. I think we were the only guests. That didn’t stop them from providing an amazing breakfast, the best we’ve had so far. Perfect soft-boiled eggs, the first on this trip, and a delicious hard cheese and some good pears and warm croissant-type pastries filled with a soft cheese. Plus the usual good muesli and fruit juices and yoghurt and bread and jams and Nutella and ham and sausage and soft cheeses and capucini. The B&B is owned/run by a remarkably friendly and kind couple. We were lucky to find this place to stay.

Breakfast at Villa Cristina:


Checking out:


Carrying the bags through the garden:


Parking sign:


2 thoughts on “Villa Cristina”

  1. Sunday, March 30th.

    Your host appears to be a very pleasant person and the table is really loaded with delicious looking food. We always enjoyed visiting with the hosts when we stayed at the B& Bs.

    The garden/steps area really is lovely. Bet it was a nice B&B! Better than some we stayed in while in Ireland.

    We are looking forward to your return this week. Have a safe one. You are in our daily prayers.

    Mucho love, Mom and Dad

  2. I had written a comment earlier but guess it didn’t become registered.

    Your host appears to be a very congenial person. We always enjoyed visiting with our hosts and learn a little more about the surrounding country and their life.
    Lovely garden area.

    Much nicer B & B than we had in some of the ones we stayed in while in Ireland.

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